SALE: 16GB of RAM $ 7.99 / month for life! Level 1 networks + fast SSD [Locations: Dallas/Seattle/Montreal]

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Spring VPS Sale! Get $ 2,592 savings on our most popular 16GB RAM VPS.


Compare yourself with big players and stand out. We recently implemented a value comparison between SSDs and some of the largest VPS drives: Digital Ocean, Linode and Vultr.…ultr-ssdnodes/

We have also developed amazing tutorials and self-hosting guides to get the most out of your VPS:

Tutorial: Using Two-Factor Authentication to Protect SSH Connections…ct-ssh-logins/


Learn more about us below:

SSD Nodes by Strasmore

About SSDs: SSDs are an SSD hosting provider that is listening. We offer simple, reliable, high-performance cloud computing with truly personal support, live upgrades, and incredible speed to enable growth and deliver an exceptional experience. We are designed for developers, startups and small businesses looking for a secure and scalable hosting solution that can be deployed quickly.

We are considered industry leaders in hybrid IT strategies and solutions and provide a huge dynamic platform that enables our customers to rapidly innovate and deploy applications globally. Our world-class data centers have multiple levels of physical and operational security to ensure the security and integrity of each customer's data, and a superior network delivers 8 Level 1 NSPs (12x total), with capacity network greater than 2,000 Gbps. Our goal is to be your home for high value, flexible and scalable cloud computing to enable growth.


Why SSD nodes?

Incredible support
Friendly Engineers
Really personal support
Updates zero time out

The new Intel processors
Enterprise-class SSD for high-performance, data-intensive applications
RAID 10 configuration for speed and reliability

12 network providers (8x level 1)
2,000 Gbps + network
Dedicated ports 1-10 GigE


14-day risk-free refund:

Hassle-free refunds are provided within 14 days of order and are limited to monthly and annual billing cycles only. To qualify, it is necessary that the conditions of use are not violated and that no more than 10% of the bandwidth has been used. Refunds are not available for hourly billing cycles.


We build long-term relationships with our customers. Read our reviews and find out why our customers and their businesses trust SSDs as a cloud provider!

1)…24894262923264 (customer for 3 years)

2)…d-nodes-rocks/ (customer for 3 years)

SSDs essentially allowed us to execute queries at 1/100 of runtime on AWS.


The customer service is impeccable, and the SSDs are fast.

4)…ac-vail-client (customer for 3 years)

I started using SSD Nodes in the summer of 2011, and it was also at that time that I started seeing myself doing a lot of work as a composer. The establishment of SSD Nodes could not have been more impeccable. I want to thank SSD Nodes and their employees for the hard work they do on a daily basis and for the way they have propelled my future. I am happy to be their client.


[W]with the I / O impressive disk SSDs and fast customer supportSSDs certainly deserve to be considered if you need a VPS that requires high disk I / O at a fraction of the cost.

6) (customer for 3 years)

Compiling took 20 minutes on my computer fast enough at home and I reduced it to about 5 minutes to switch to its servers. I ran back to back compiling this weekend and it has never missed a beat. Just a word, I have not rented a machine beast, only that $ 20 / month.

Communication is the key and Matt and his staff are extremely fast with answers.

7) (customer for 3 years)

8) (customer for 3 years, updated notice from above)

Super fast technical support answers (almost less than 20 minutes) has never had time to stop, never had any problem with the network nor the hardware, the staff is super friendly. I recommend SSD nodes if you are looking for a quality host and a 100% available host.

9) (customer for 2 years)

The ssdnodes staff is there to help you if you need their help that is full of sunshine!

The service has been pretty consistent and has never been transferred from one agent to another or from one service to another, like a hot potato, as you do with companies specializing in IT, like Dell or other hosts … "

I received only real personalized service from man to man! which no longer exists since the era of the "dads" of the "yester" era (perhaps the 1960s?).

SSD Nodes is the host not to be missed, if you want cloud-based hosting (which has never failed for me) with reliable, honest and enjoyable support.


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