Sale – Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday – Explosion at ModulesGarden! | NewProxyLists

1. Black Friday promotion

Our customers love spectacular price reductions and we fulfill their wishes! This year, our Black Friday market involves a cosmic reduction of 25% over the full range of our annual licenses. Choose one, five or ten products and watch the price drop of each one of them!

Be warned though: this spicy deal is just as exciting as time-limited, so hurry up to stock up before the end of the year. November 24!

Enter the Frenzy of Black Friday!

Are you one of the open source software lovers? We can then guarantee that you will fall in love with our Cyber ​​market Monday coming soon at once! Be on the lookout for this striking promotion, whose launch is scheduled on Sunday!

2 New Plesk Key Administrator for WHMCS 1.3.0

The newly released version 1.3.0 of Plesk Key Administrator for WHMCS introduces new sources of innovation directly into your business. The update introduces support for redirecting your customers directly to the WHMCS shopping cart when entering the extension catalog into Plesk, and at the same time offers your customers the freedom to upgrade and downgrade existing licenses whenever necessary!

Learn more about Plesk Key Administrator for WHMCS 1.3.0!

3 New update of MetricsCube

"Improved user experience" means a lot of different things for different people. For the founders and developers of MetricsCube, an extremely advanced business analytics tool that any web hosting business owner should know, this slogan has always been more of a continuous process than the goal itself. And so, just a few days ago, MetricsCube received another crucial update that speeds up the loading of reports on the dashboard to the maximum, and provides a daily summary of e-mails of your business operations.

See the update of MetricsCube with all new features!

4 Happy Thanksgiving Day to everyone!

In this special period of gratitude, we would like to thank all our customers for the invaluable support and trust you have given us this year. May your business efforts always be generous and your aspirations to push the limits of excellence even further without ever erasing.

5 Finally, do not hesitate to take a look at our other recent versions:

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