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Hello everyone, I'm calling Tony and I own I sell digital marketing products and services via email through this website. In recent years, it's my main source of income. I will not bore you or discourage you with the details, but I live a difficult personal situation and I need money quickly to take care of it.

I offer you a real and solid business that can generate a good income for you and / or your family from the day you get it. I will try to make this thread as complete as possible. At the bottom, I will provide contact information if you have questions or want to buy the company. So let's start! :)

Domain name:
Save by: Namecheap
Expires on: November 27, 2015
Payment methods: Bank transfer or escrow
BIN (Buy Now) Price: $ 1200 (USD)
Proof of Ownership (a screenshot of the domain in the seller's Registrar Account showing the URL and the expiration date)

[​IMG]"data-url ="

Proof of ownership of the site:


1. Domain
2. Website and database files
3. List of previous buyers and applicants.
4. Email marketing resources

The email marketing resources included are:

* Automatic installer of PowerMTA, Interspire, Maborak add-ons, Sendy, MailWizz, IP rotation, authentication and spam traps.
* PowerMTA 4.5
* PowerMTA Management Console
* Mumara Pro
* Millions of private prospects in several niches (health, fitness, weight loss, making money online, gambling, dating, adults, etc.) More than 1,000 databases and over 80 million spamtraps / jars of honey. Courses and tutorials are also included.

The accommodation is not included, but I can help you transfer the website to a new host if you can not do it yourself. The website can easily run on shared hosting or on a low-end VPS.


I do not have traffic statistics because I have never set up Analytics on the website. The idea was never to generate natural traffic, but to target potential direct buyers on forums, groups and marketing websites.

To be honest, the promotion of the website has been mediocre at best. I have never done serious SEO work. Most of the traffic comes from a signature link that I have on a popular marketing forum and by word of mouth.


The website has been online for 2 years and a few months. The site was opened around May 2016. The site generated revenues of about 10,000 USD. Below is a link to a screenshot of one of my PP account transactions (payments received only, fuzzy names for obvious reasons). For reasons of transparency, I must point out that about 70% of the revenues presented in the screenshot below were generated by Most of the remaining income went to a PP account that I no longer have access to. I have also received payments via Amazon, Skrill and Payza gift cards.

Too big picture to analyze here:

The fact that I've made so much money with little (but highly targeted) traffic says a lot about the potential of this trade.

I will also be happy to share ideas for developing a business that I have never had the time or energy to implement myself. They could really increase the revenues of the website.

Also noteworthy, from July 2017 to February 2018, I earned more than $ 2,000 by selling one of these same resources on Fiverr. A disgruntled fraudster had Fiverr arrested, but he could be offered again on a new account (my Fiverr account is not included).

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I pay about $ 20 a year for the estate and $ 24 a year for accommodation. These are the only costs related to the operation of the website.


The majority of revenue has been generated by selling packs of different resources that I have, so you do not need the skills to provide the services. You will sell digital products. In addition, I manage all the orders manually, which, I am sure, has cost me the business of many impulsive buyers. If you set up an automatic system (easily done with WooCommerce or any other shop plugin), you can not only increase sales, but also passively.

The website is already set up, so you only need basic WordPress skills to manage it.


The price of immediate purchase is 1,200 USD. If I have more than one offer (no harm to be optimistic!), I will sell it to the person who makes the first offer or to the person who can pay more than $ 1,200, so if you can allow yourself more than that and you have an interest in this business, please let me know. If you have a different offer, please let me know and I can review it if it is decent enough and I have no other option.

I really can not risk losing the site to the benefit of a crook or a person of bad faith. This is why I will only accept a direct bank transfer, Bitcoin, or use a well known and trusted escrow service (like Sedo, Escrow, Flippa, etc.). We would divide the fees of commission in equal parts.

I am in a really shitty situation. Selling my business for that money (considering what I've earned with) is not something I really want, but life is life. Please contact me only if you have good intentions and a real interest in buying my business. Send me an email to [email protected] or [email protected] if you are interested. I will also answer questions here as soon as possible.

Thank you for reading! :)