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The largest shopping center

Package Included

  • Between 30,000 and 60,000 unique visitors per month
  • Google, Bing, Yahoo search engine options
  • Baidu, Key 360, Sao Goa Search Engine Options
  • Key Search Engine Options Tao Bao, Alibaba, Tmall, JD
  • Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, Instagram Hits
  • WhatsApp, Haberturk, Hurriyet, NTV Hit
  • 3 views of the site you want Submissions
  • Time spent on options for site visitors
  • Ability to choose the browser
  • To select a device
  • You must target the keyword
  • To select a country
  • 10 Ability to choose keywords
  • Sex selection function

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[​IMG]The largest shopping center

What is organic on this page?
Organic views are completely providing the real name given to users to visit your website. It's totally legal to ban everything yemez from Google. Like most companies in the market that show real users who have visited your website, you are hurt. If your Netter company uses all-natural people and to give value to your website. 4 turkey can provide a flow of visitors to the website through our special software.

Visitors examine how long you want your website and your views, your percentage rate, the bounce rate indicates an increase in time as a reading time. On the other hand, it will provide a considerable drop outside of your Google alexa ranking.
The largest shopping center

This service is fully integrated and works instantly with Google Analytics.

You can watch all the traffic through your Analytics account.
Selected in the packages, the changes are shown in the differences Properties of the number of visitors a day welded. Hit Start submissions last between 2 and 48 hours.The largest shopping center

Then you can examine them in one.

    • The sources of traffic, the search engines, according to the customer's request, or can be sent directly to visitors via social media.
    • The search engines with the keywords you have chosen for your website (Google, Yandex, Yahoo, …) allow you to send visitors.
    • Your number will increase and the index of the search engines will rather accelerate.
    • Your keywords in the search engines will increase.
    • Alexa ranking in your country and the world will fall quickly will increase the quality of your site.
    • Depending on the package you receive, Articaine receives unique hits every day on your website so visitors to your site prune the quality of your site.
    • Visitors to your site will certainly not be sent by robots or agents.
    • Get all the hits from different IP addresses, revenue from real users.
    • Packages are checked every day that you buy regularly following the submissions of visitors.


[​IMG]The largest shopping center