Sale – Paper on demand

Why are you selling this site?
I am an independent contractor and I have participated in the creation of several online businesses. I've built this website to be able to sell. I know how to help someone get their first sale online so that they can turn it into a passive and profitable income that can become a home-based business. Online digital businesses are my specialty. I offer a unique opportunity with Paper on Demand. This site is 1 month old and is already about to reach a total turnover of $ 2,000.
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How is it monetized?

Paper on Demand provides custom editorial and editing services. The site earns money by billing project-based writing services to clients. Customers pay in advance via Paypal or Venmo before starting services. The site allows customers to order directly through the site via a personalized order form that is connected via Paypal. Others will contact by phone or email to order.

The tasks are then subcontracted to the editorial staff accompanying the site. The business model that I have configured allows you to achieve an average profit margin of between 50% and 70% after outsourcing.

Outsourcing rates will allow you all to earn a significant profit margin, while allowing you to advertise and offer discounts. The site is currently accepting customers and executing orders. Business and can be run from your phone or your personal computer from anywhere in the world. This does not require an office or internal staff.

-No shipping
-No inventory
-Low overhead
-No required to be an expert writer
Is this site provided with social media accounts?

Yes, an Instagram account

How long does this site take to run?

3 to 4 hours a day

What are the challenges of managing this site?

The most difficult component to run the site is that customers can communicate at different times each day. Organization of the files to send to the outsourcing team. In addition, the normal is the intermediary between the client and the outsourcing team. Other than that, it's an easy business to manage.