samsung – Certain apps lose all internet connectivity until reboot

I have put off asking the question for some time because I know it is vague and terrible to debug so I welcome your help refining the question as well as potential solutions.

A range of certain apps will report no internet connectivity and get stuck in that state no matter how good my WiFi and/or mobile data connection or if I force stop and/or clear their cache. So far:

  • facebook
  • instagram
  • onedrive
  • toktok

Normally only one of these at a time, sometimes two. I ignore them for a day or two and they never recover connectivity. Chrome is never affected (yet) and I still get push notifications for said apps.

I am technical and have pondered dodgy dns but apps get in this state on and off Wi-Fi which should mean different dns servers, not just a quirk on my home network. I don’t use a mobile VPN. I do have a work profile. My phone is a standard build Samsung S10 that behaved normally for over a year until recently.

Drives me mad because all advice out there is for fixing general/global connectivity as people always complain about that and turn it off and on again is a good solution for any single app getting into a funky state but this feels dumb, like the OS is caching/blocking/blacklisting something and I kinda wanna blame samsung or put on a tin hat and blame the government… yeah I am mocking myself now 🙂

So, any suggestions?