Samsung s10e Screen Protector – Passionate Android Stack Exchange

I've scratched my screen, however, when I look at it closely, it seems like a screen protector has been pre-affixed to it … but, to confuse things, unlike d & # 39; Other screen protections that I had before, this one requires a lot of force to apply to slip a nail – so much force that I stopped trying to scare out of break some kind of "built-in screen protection".

This feature is perhaps 1/4 mm thick, follows the outline of the top speaker, about 1 mm below, and follows the top edge of the plastic sides, about 2 mm from them, and features a circular hole of about 8/9 mm around the front camera. .

Can any one tell me if there is a "built-in (and non-removable) screen protection" on the phones, which looks like what I've described, or if , for some reason, a screen protector was affixed to my phone although I never asked for one?