– Structured Data Implementation for FAQ / QA, Receiving Warning "An Exactly Expected Question on Page for QAPage"

the QAPage type represents a page with only one question (whether it's a question-and-answer site such as Stack Overflow, or the FAQ section of a site where each question has its own page):

A QAPage is a Web page focused on a specific Question and his Reply(s), for example in a site answering question or documenting Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

For an FAQ page with one or several questionsyou can use the FAQPage type:

A FAQPage is a Web page presenting one or more "frequently asked questions" (see also QAPage).

But note that the FAQPage type is currently pending, that is, it is a draft. If you do not want to use the terms of Pending, you can use the parent type Web page instead of.

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