schengen visas – Living in Germany for Less Than 90 Days As US Citizen While Working Remotely For An American Company

I am planning to live with a friend in Germany and work remotely for an American company for a few weeks. I do not plan to stay longer than 90-days or to work for a Germany company while I am there. I am a US citizen.

I’ve done some research, and I don’t believe I need anything besides a normal passport (“tourist visa”) to stay for under 90 days. Since I’m working for an American company (which has no relation and no clients in Germany under any capacity), I don’t think my taxes should be effected at all.

Does anyone know if this information is correct? Or will need a special visa and have to pay any taxes to Germany?

I’m also curious about health insurance. I’m under the impression that on a tourist visa and by being in the country for less than 90 days, I don’t need one. Does anyone know?