scroll bars – Devextreme Grid UX idea

I have attached a rough prototype of my screen.
The header, footer, and sidebar are attached to the screen. Only the work areas, that is, the grid filters and the main grid, will be scrolled.
Grid filters include buttons and text boxes.
The main grid includes a grid which is the main part of the screen.
The sidebar has the option of being minimized (50px) / maximized (300px).
enter the description of the image here

The main requirements of the grid are as follows

  • There must be no scroll bars (vertical or horizontal) in the grid
  • Only one vertical scroll bar on the main screen is allowed
  • The grid must be responsive depending on the size of the screen
  • The number of columns is not fixed, it depends on the data (about 10 to 20 columns)

I'm using the devextreme grid.
Devextreme provides a column selection option, a column resize option, a column masking option.
Can you give me ideas on what should be chosen for a better user experience?