SD card, corrupted, data recovery, unrecognized file type, unrecognized allocated memory, all data recovery software fail to parse correctly

I have a corrupted SD card and I need help:

Android's SD card says corrupted in the phone.
Windows says that it must be formatted.
Chkdsk says that he can not restore the raw file format.

All file recovery systems do not work … The card (32 GB) reads like 31 MB with 31 MB of unallocated RAW memory. The data recovery software, including the partition recovery software, only checks the empty 31 MB anyway and therefore does not recover anything because they are already empty.

31 GB of data stored on an SD card is invisible for all data recovery and disk management software (drills, disks, tests, photos and photo recordings can not even see them because the memory needs to be recognized to start the recovery scan)

The missing 31 GB are the data I want to recover. But no software will attempt a recovery because it treats the card as if the 31 MB of unallocated empty space in RAW format were the only available memory on the card.
the data is very important to me. I want to get it back.

Ideas or advice? I've checked everywhere and the same steps that I've already tried are all I can find to attempt a fix except for doing a quick format and attempting a deleted file recovery later that will not work. probably not anyway. (I imagine that it will simply format the unallocated empty space of 31 MB, just as analysis analyzes that the memory is empty when an attempt is made to recovery)