Search Engine for all that is illegal, strange, immoral, anti-social and / or anti-government

It is probably not Google that gives you bad results, nor a real social engineering policy on their side. It's just that we are no longer in the 90s and that people are smarter and more cautious.

Companies that allow users to publish their own content generally depend on ad revenue and will naturally seek to appease the controversy that threatens it, as they must be open to as many people as possible. Do not get people to invest in the platform.

And those who allow such content take steps to hide it from Google.

Major software companies like Adobe are also smarter than they were in the '90s, and are likely actively looking for cracks and other tools in Google that avoid licenses and issue DMCAs to retrieve that content. Hackers and hackers are therefore smarter and do not publish this content in places where Google can find it.

Thus, a "perverse" search engine publicly accessible and funded by advertising, such as Google, could not exist on the public internet today – the content would disappear as soon as it was released.