Search engines – Everything has been done to optimize the SEO ranking of the site, but it does not show up

I have created a business website for one of my clients. The client runs a business providing therapeutic and behavioral services to youth and families with developmental, emotional and behavioral problems.

The company calls itself Progressive Option Support Services. The customer wanted to optimize the website so that it could appear at the top of Google search results when you search for "progressive options support services". I have no experience in SEO, so I followed a few blogs and articles on how I could improve the search ranking of the site and implement it. Some of the things I did were:

  1. Use the h1 tag on the site
  2. Give a meta description, a title, etc. for the site
  3. Make sure there are no broken links.
  4. Give an appropriate value to the alt attribute of an html image element.
  5. Create a sitemap.xml and submit it to the Google Search Console.
  6. Creating a robots.txt file.
  7. Make sure there are no canonization issues with the site.
  8. Using the keywords that the customer wants to associate with the company on the site and at the meta-description.

However, when the client searches for "progressive option support services", the first result is the Progressive Insurance website. This is not a sponsored ad, it is the progressive progressive insurance website.

However, if you search for "progressive rentals" on Google, you will see the following search result:

enter the description of the image here

This makes me think that the SEO optimization I did for the site does not work. When I search for "progressive option support services" on my browser, I see the site I created.

enter the description of the image here

So I do not see why the client sees the Progressive Insurance website at the top of the search results, when I see the current website. The client and I are in different geographic areas (New Jersey, USA and Mumbai, India), so maybe this could be the deciding factor why she sees the insurance company and not me. But by this logic when she seeks "progressive leasing" – she sees the result for progressive leasing (the first image).

Another question I had was how do I display my search results in the way that Progressive Leasing appears, that is, the map below the search result?

Here is the github link of the website code:

Any suggestion and / or modification likely to help the site to appear will be much appreciated.

Thank you all.