search – Icons for mathematical concepts

With the advent of mobile devices and small screens, symbols are very commonly used for abstract concepts. By typing this, the MathOverflow editor contains symbols for bold, connections, code, lists etc.
We all know the common images used for Bluetooth, Wireless, and battery level indicators.
Even my banking application uses symbols on the buttons to represent concepts such as transactions and savings.

As mathematicians, we have long used symbols for abstract concepts, such as infinity, integers $ infty $, $ mathbb {Z} $, sum and integration, which are accepted internationally.

It's not that difficult to find symbols for subfields of mathematics, such as $ int $ calculation, logic (wikipedia uses $ forall $),
programming language concepts $ lambda $, etc.
You will find many other examples on wikipedia.
Even arxiv uses icons for platforms such as twitter, email, reddit and mendeley.

However, there are some very common concepts that I have been thinking about for a while, on which I would like to have good symbols for (immediately recognizable, or at least make sense), for concepts such as definition, conjecture (Wikipedia uses a question mark), theorem, Example and evidence.

This would be useful when designing web pages or applications related to mathematics,
which deals with mathematics at the research level.

I've looked a little around me, but it's not so easy to get interesting results.

I may have several related questions:

  • What would be the right symbols to use for definition theorem, evidence and all our favorite LaTeX environments?

  • What are some good examples of using icons for mathematical concepts? This is specifically for book, text, and mostly online interfaces. The dangerous curvature symbol of Bourbaki comes to my mind as an example of such a symbol for a specific concept.

  • What should be avoided for sure / what would be the misuse of icons?

More motivation: Personally, I am working on an overview of the symmetric functions, and I have thought a lot about the type of symbol to use to represent the concepts of "symmetric function", "quasisymmetric function", the concept "is a base", etc. . I think it's too specialized.
One can wonder about the motivation, but when the list of the functions rises to more than 70 (and I have not even started yet on the symmetrical functions shifted and the quasi-symmetrical functions),
it would be useful to have icons (with alt-text) rather than text to indicate the properties. In addition, it just seems so well done.