search – Multiselection confirmation – Application design

In our application, we allow users to select multiple items to search for data. We also allow users to search this list of articles because it can be quite lengthy.

So, for example, the main purpose of a page is to list people's pets, but you can search by species. So choose dog, cat, rabbit, etc. We allow you to select more than one species at a time and when selecting, we allow you to search the list of species. It looks like this:

List of items to select

When you tap an option, a check mark appears on the right to indicate that you have selected it. If you tap the item again, the checkmark is cleared.

When you have finished your selections, press "Done" at the top right and return to the previous screen with the applied filters.

You can search this list to find a specific item more easily, but you still need to press it to select it. When you tap in the search box, the list is filtered instantly.

For example:

Elephant wanted

In this example, the user has searched for Elephant, only one item is returned. All previous selections are still in place, but they have not yet pressed Elephant to select it.

We had information that users see this screen. Suppose a single item appears that if they hit "Done", they expect "Elephant" and only "Elephant" to be selected and searched for. Even though he has no ticks and they have not operated it.

Is there a way to change this design so that the user better understands how this search, filtering and selection works?