search – What is the best way to filter by non-machable results without typing?

Imagine a web application that displays table data with filters in the sidebar, but it does not have a search field. Usually, in search areas, users can exclude results (for example, do not display X). How can a user interface perform the same task, that is, do not display the results, but do it without having a search field – all clickable

Here's how Google does it with a search box:

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Here are 2 random ideas that I've had, have you ever seen a research model like this before?

1) Option A

The checkboxes can be clicked 3 times and can have 3 different states (Neural, Matching and Don & # 39; t Match)

Personally, I think it's weird, but also pretty cool.

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2) option B

Users can either click the green arrow to match OR the red checkbox to not match OR they may deselect both.

Personally, I think it's a better approach, but it takes horizontal space in the user interface.

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Let me know what you think!