Searching Call Logs in Android 10 Dialer app

Had a query-
I’ve been trying to find out how to search for numbers in the Dialer app (Android 10/Nokia 6.1). It searches only contacts & places.

Eg- Let’s say I received a call today from a number say 535-555-5555.

Since the number isn’t saved as a contact, if I try to dial the number, the number does not show up at all (barring similar numbers from my contacts).

As you start entering the digits, it would narrow down the choices and show you the correct number, when you dialed it (or received a call from). In my previous phone (Vivo /Funtouch OS), this was a very well organized function.

I’ve tried a few dialer apps but all look only through contacts.

Is there a setting in the native Android 10 dialer app that I can change to allow it to search through call logs? OR Is there a Dialer app in the Play store that can do this?

Sharing links of those who have had similar issues.