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Secure Money Limited is a modern British company that aims to create an efficient online income and investment system. The peculiarity of the company is the use of advanced technologies and wide diversification.

In 2014, the company's technicians commissioned the first data center in the north of England. In addition to storage and data processing, this one was intended for cryptography based on conventional and modified algorithms with many technologies based on Innoslicon A2 Terminator. ASIC minor scrypt. This farm was built with high density equipment with an efficient liquid cooling system. In the future, these organizational principles have become the norm in the development of cryptographic operations. This allows us to use the structure of mining in energy efficiency mode.

Since 2015, Secure Money Limited has started trading bitcoins through online trading with contracts for BTC / USD (CFD) currency exchange pairs, at the purchase and sale of Binary options and arbitration trading without the intervention of banks or intermediaries. In addition, the simultaneous use of several revenue calculation methods has increased operating income, reduced and eliminated risks through diversification, and protected the Company from potential losses. For a stable and controlled business, our experts use cryptographic exchanges with a high level of trust, as well as brokers, which allows us to exchange currencies using the Meta Trader platform.

In 2018, the company began legalizing its UK operations to engage in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčtrust and investment management. Secure Money Limited offers some of the best conditions for deposits and uses an automated platform through which all financial transactions are instant.

Investments with Secure Money Limited are affordable for all and always safe. You will find more information on the terms of cooperation in the "Investment Package" section.

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Investment plans:
– 420% after 10 minutes
– 760% after 3 hours

Amount of investment:
– Minimum $ 8
– Maximum $ 5000

Accepted payment:
– Perfect money
– Payeer
– Bitcoin
– Ethereum

Reference Commission: 10%, 5%, 3%

Program features:
– GC HYIP Script
– SSL certificate by COMODO RSA
– DDOS Secure Hosting Protection
– Instant removal

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