security – Career transitioning into Computer Science

I have a question for professionals in the CS fields or people in a similar situation.

I have a BA in European history, however I’m looking into pursuing (preferably) online courses and certifications in one of the CS fields. I know there are many ways you can go with computer science, from data analysis to UX. I’m not artistic, so I feel like UX and app/website design wouldn’t be the right choice. My mind keeps going to IT or cybersecurity (or maybe data analysis), and I wanted to ask professionals in these careers or who hire these employees how realistic it is to try to get into this field from online courses and certifications. There are websites that say it’s entirely possible and that many employers care more about your proven skills than your formal education, then there are websites that talk about needing a Masters. I’m trying to be a bit more sure and cautious about my path before I take it. I also wouldn’t know just how difficult these fields are to learn, especially from an online approach.

I’m also aware that there are many different positions in these fields, some that require much less knowledge than others. I’d prefer not to have to go through the entire college process again. I know there are online courses from IBM, Microsoft, and Google, depending on what you’re going into.

I also want to say that I don’t expect to have the more advanced positions or the highest paying salary. I would think that would, in most cases, take the full college education. I see some salaries online upwards of 100k dollars and I’d be happy eventually working up to 60k+.

I’d appreciate any advice on this, and if anyone took the online route, I’d love to hear from them.