security – Connecting to a SQL Server on a BitLocker encrypted virtual machine

I have a SQL server hosted on a virtual machine encrypted with BitLocker because of the company's requirements for inactive data encryption. The virtual machine with the SQL server has two partitions C: and D: (the SQL database is on the D drive :). When attempting to connect to SQL Server from a web application hosted on another virtual machine, the connection is denied because the drive on which the database is stored is encrypted. If the virtual machine is connected and the BitLocker PIN is entered, the database is accessible.

I'm wondering if there is a method that can be used to remotely unlock the Bitlocker encrypted drive from the virtual machine hosting the application remotely and securely.

To my knowledge, a Windows Authentication Account on SQL Server is configured to unlock BitLocker on a physical machine with a TPM chip. Is there a similar way to achieve this result on a virtual machine?