security – How secure is the use of TOR in Lightning Network?

The document you associate with when it is used as a tip rather than a scholarly inquiry into the tradeoffs between different choices is downright bad advice.

The attacks they launch are largely generic and have little to do with tor itself, while tor provides non-trivial protection against many other vectors and, if used consistently and exclusively, prevents at least Link users' network credentials to their activity. Almost every security decision is a compromise exercise when it is advisable not to take into account the risks of an option while claiming that alternatives are safe.

In addition, it is not uncommon to see this article published on the same pages and suggesting that users use lite portfolios that simply send all their addresses to remote hosts – always working in the worst possible cases suggested by Article . If using tor is a bad idea, then using, for example, electrum, is "Holy crap, why would you ever do that ?!" – Yet you do not see this level of promotion against the use of electrum or the like.

Given the recent increase in its promotion, I fear that some parties share it with the express intent to infringe the privacy of users.