Selling – Access to a 70TB+ (TERABYTES) DOUBLE FTP ACCESS! Updated daily! Multi-GBPS! | NewProxyLists

The media archive has over 10,000 media releases from movies, TV shows, & PC Games. Updated daily, on multip-gbps connections. We provide you access to TWO private FTPS (same; just mirrored) access to ensure maximum download speeds! NO RESTRICTIONS! We take request for any release and fulfill QUICK! The archive is OVER 70 TERABYTES & GROWING!

Price is $10 a month BTC

TO access, you need to sign up to our forum and you’ll need an invite code as well. Use the link below to get one.

PM me for access.

This is an introductory offer so I am giving away 30 days access for FREE to the people who claims these to vouch for this site and once we are at capacity, I am shutting down signups.

Once you are signed up, please PM me (Enki) on the forumand I will give you a key that you use to redeem your VIP member status on the forums and get access to the FTPs.