Selling names that have previously SOLD or GOT OFFERS

I no longer have time for Domaining (as of a few years ago). I don’t have time to respond to inquiries, seek out end users, and the like.

I have an interesting opportunity for you, I have a set of names that have either previously sold or received offers. All the sales are confirmable with sites like Namebio or Google. Some of the purchases were made by me through auctions or other means. Which means I beat out many other bidders who were interested.

That means these names have a much higher likelihood of selling again or getting offers. I had hundreds of occasions where clients drop names I sold them, I pick them up, and sell them again either to the same person or someone else. I have sold several names 3-4 times.


Generally, for the sold names, I will accept a fraction (10%) of the selling price. For the very expensive names ($8-15K) I will accept less. For the names that were bought in auction, $100-$500 I am looking for something similar.

How to sell them again:

If you are not lazy, you can reach out to previous buyers or contact end-users. If you are lazy, just list them everywhere (including the original marketplace) and sit back for a couple of years. Some of these names may seem weird to you but there’s usually a good reason why they sold in the first place if you know what to look for.

Previously sold:

(names in bold have received offers while I had them) $200 Flippa $755 Sedo $600 Sedo $1,300 BuyDomains $1,500 Sedo $105 SnapNames $310 $108 GoDaddy $2,499 GoDaddy $700 Sedo $1,155 GoDaddy $3,000 Afternic $1,048 Sedo $107 GoDaddy $100 SnapNames $1,000 Sedo $712 Sedo $2,300 SmashFactory $2,584 Sedo $12,356 Sedo $805 GoDaddy $2,500 Sedo $1,000 Sedo $750 Sedo $952 Sedo $1,300 $1,000 GoDaddy $765 GoDaddy $575 Sedo $1,350 Sedo $1,000 Sedo
SEMrush $1,300 Sedo $8,385 Sedo $1,000 Sedo $1,728 Sedo $405 GoDaddy $14,871 Sedo $2,990 Afternic $1,000 Sedo $1,200 Sedo & $1,699 Sedo $750 Afternic $1,200 Sedo & $1,860 Sedo $173 Flippa $10,000 Sedo – $2,100 Sedo – $3,500 Sedo – $3,900 Sedo

Received offers:


For these names, I probably received offers via e-mail or more likely, brandable marketplaces such as Namerific or Brandcrowd.

These will also come with free logos.

Offers were below $250 ($25 each)



Offers $250 – $999 ($99 each)

Offers were $1K-2K ($149 each)


Some of these may have logos.

Offers were below $250 ($29 each) (logo included) (logo included) (logo included)

Offers $250 – $999 ($99 each) (logo included) (logo included) (logo included) (logo included)

Offers were $1K-2K ($249 each) (logo included) (logo included) (logo included) (logo included) (logo included) (logo included)

Please PM me with the name you are interested in, and we’ll get payment set up. If you purchase this listing, you only get