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Everything seems to work well. Nothing has changed regarding the user's backup. Most people already updated do not have such problems.

Perhaps you have had other problems with the files or even the websites themselves.

Please "rar" the "user" folder and send it by email to: [email protected] , also write URLs and login credentials to test.

Please also report the issues on my forum so I can see it faster: themaManager? forum

You can already replace specific text in all messages from all websites at once. See Chapter 3.5 of the FAQ. themaManager – (faq)

Please use the suggestion forum for the option "registration of replacements": themaManager? View forum – Suggestions, it is easier to follow what is done and what remains to be done without losing anything.


Version 1.03 published.

Open (or wait a little) 1.02 (or older) and press "Yes" when prompted about the update to open the update page with all the update information.


  • Improved. Do not add duplicate errors about failed publication. There is no need to add duplicate errors. When you try again, just try one more time. Just wait for the time to try the same message several times. Also, if recovering the same subject (not yours) can be caught in the header of each page, just add it once in the errors.
  • Adding a right click option "Go to Website" in the "POSTS" tab -> "List of Websites" [jumps to “WEBSITES” tab needed website].
  • Addition of a right click option "Go to Website" in the "STATUS" tab -> "POSTS" and "CHANGES" tables.
  • Add right click "Copy topic" in the tab "STATUS" -> Table "LINKS".
  • Added "Search for subject in" POSTS "." Option right click in the tab "STATUS" -> Table "LINKS".
  • Addition of the French translation (thanks to Volger of the forum).
  • Added Russian translation.
  • Improved. The "Errors" menu has been renamed "Files" and added some additional options for "backup" files.
  • Adding a small counter in the "STATUS" -> "LINKS" tab at the bottom, which indicates the number of links checked. Resets each time the link search is started.
  • Added support for extracting topics for MyBB because they also seem to limit search results (like vBulletin). The topic extraction may not be necessary at all if you do not have a lot of messages.
  • Other small improvements.

For previous versions changelog: click here

A little more information has been added to the FAQ, for checking for changes to the FAQ: themaManager? View topic – FAQ updates (Last updated: 2014-12-22)