Selling – Vanlog HLS P2P (Ownership transfer) | NewProxyLists

*This is ownership transfer not reselling which mean if you bought it you will be owner of the script and I wont be able to use this script.

I would like to transfer my ownership of my HLS P2P straming script. Original price is $2,000USD, I would like to sell it for $1,500USD.
You will get 500$ of from buying a new script from Vanlog. You will get support from Vanlog and me in case if anything happen like player stop working.
SO far I have been using this script for 2 years with no issues.

The reason for selling, because I could not make enough money to pay of server cost (like $160USD/month). My site has 15k visit a day and it’s English movie site it’s Thai movie site and Thai get very low paid CRM for popup ads and it didnt make enough money to pay of server in USD dollar.

I stopped making it and 2 months past, I just want to sell this script as I no longer want it.
I start working as full time now and barely have enough time to do anything except from my work.

Player Demo:

You will need 3 servers to run this system.
– Master server uses to store movie files which will be upload from google drive.
– Load balancing Server
– Slave Server uses to steaming movies to users. (one slave can handle 200 real time user) if you have more just add another slave server. You can have many slaves.

Maintain cost per month
– Mast server $50USD
– Load Balancing 50 EURO
– Slave 20USD (if want to add more plus 20$ each time)

Total cost per month for running server will be 160$ (this can handdle 10,000 user visit per day)

if anyone interest pls contact me via Skype : ookamisamaz