sensor – Do cameras actively filter UV light or only infrared?

UV is troublesome when shooting landscapes and aerial photographs. It records like a mist that blocks the unobstructed view of the distant mountains and veils the earth when it is imaged at high altitude. An anti-UV filter can be very useful in these circumstances. The UV filter and a cousin called "Skylight" filter have gained popularity. The "skylight" is tinged with pink, so this UV filter has also warmed the blue sky sensation panoramas. Special note: The UV filter only benefits when the subject is far away and surrounded by water vapor. Sellers of camera stores, wanting to close a sale, it is generally advisable to choose a UV filter to protect your valuable and expensive lens. The popularity of UV has soared.

With the advent of the digital camera, the need to mount a UV filter has decreased, because electronic photography poses various problems. The imaging sensor requires trimming with filters or it will not deliver a faithful image. The surface of the digital sensor is covered with a network of tiny photosites. These capture the image, but the risks that the artifacts that spoil it are high. The sound of the image is the most remarkable. It looks like grain in film photography. There is a plethora of these annoying artifacts.

Enter the protective glass of the digital camera. The surface of the digital image sensor is fragile, it is covered with a flat glass coating. This glass cover lends itself to a dual purpose. Some types of topics will create an image with weird results. These are called "demosaicing artifacts, often considered moiré. To avoid this, the glass cover is also a low-pass optical filter better known as an anti-aliasing filter. This filter slightly blurs the finer details that are thinner than the senor's native resolution. In addition, the protective glass will act as an infrared filter that blocks these frequencies, otherwise they will record as false colors

UVs continue to be sold and mounted to protect our precious goals.