seo – Google XML Feed, schema and product availability

As far as the availability of products is concerned, there is this little something that I do not understand well.

We have an online store with a few thousand products. Some of these products that we do not have "in stock" are irrelevant because we have some local distributors where we can place an order. We receive the stock ~ 2-7 days later, then we ship to the customer.

According to Google's specifications for product data, my listing should be considered "out of stock", is not it? So I should use them for the XML feed and the product page;

Google: "out of stock"
Schematic: "OutOfStock"

The thing is "out of stock" shows an "Ad not ready to serve" in the Google Ads console.

Now the interrogation

Would it be bad, considered malpractice or would it hurt the placement of my ad if I used the "pre-order" status instead of the "out of stock" status for these products?

Google: "pre-order"
Diagram: "Presale"

In my brain, you try to avoid "out of stock" when operating an online store. No?

Thanks a lot for your help!