seo – High Rank and Traffic of low DA and Backlinks

is a pleasure being a part of this community, hope in learning a lot with you guys, i just started a year learning about SEO and it been a big journey. I was looking at some competition of some websites that i been optmizing, and i found a website that called my attention and i cant figure out whats going on, it haves huge traffic but in terms of technicall SEO is really week, and not just this but also in terms of DA and backlinks (most of them spammy – 20 backlinks), the domain in question is

I notice that doesnt have any social media, not analytics, etc.

The only thing that i notice is that there is a website or a company called “BH news” (televesion), but its not related with it, since the type of information that presents is “lottery” results.

So this kind of situation confuses me a lot, because is a lot of hard work in optmizing a website to rank in google, and than i come a across with this type of website with 20 backlinks (most of anchor or name of domain), and than haves like 2M visits per month and ranks for keywords related with the this type of sites of lottery.

Can someone tell me if there is some kind of black seo, or something that is making this rank so high?