seo – How to fix the site plan BingWebmaster: Failed status?

In Bing Webmaster, I recently submitted my sitemap again after making the usual changes. Whenever I try to resubmit, the "Fail" status will appear, as shown below.

aads - bing failure webm sitemap

Previously, this did not happen and the site plan when I submitted it back to Google Search Console worked perfectly.

Here are the use cases I've encountered for anyone trying to give me an answer:

  1. Checked there are errors with the current sitemap with more than 10 tools, all confirms it.
  2. I did my part of research on why Bing displays this "failed" state, most likely because of a DNS error. In my case, I have tested things and it seems that I can not find the reason.

If someone knows how to solve this problem or can suggest a few troubleshooting steps, it would be a great help.