seo – Redirection of Google results pages to the home page

I have on my site pages of tags containing specific keywords that appear elsewhere in Google's results.

These pages generate significant traffic, but the bounce rate is very high because they give very mixed results that can not be corrected and confuse.

So let's say this is the page in the Google result:


So, what I'm planning to do is redirect all those / TAGs / pages from the search results to the root domain, hoping that the bounce rate will be much lower and I'll get a better experience. user.

Btw. with these pages, I found myself on the first pages of Google for the keywords that I would classify with difficulty if I did it in a normal way.

Anyway, anyone could give me a hint: how would Google behave with this redirection?

Would Google leave me on the first page for the specific keyword or even maybe rank me higher, or would I just lose my ranking positions?

How intelligent is it, and why would not he be smart?

I know I'm asking some generic questions and questions, but for this problem, I really need serious advice.

Thank you very much in advance!