seo – Weight of the links back to other links

I know that back links are a big problem in terms of ranking in search engines, but links from the same country (as to where you want to display your results) have more weight than links from from outside the country Where do you want your results to be displayed? Or is it not important?

I have a site, for this example I will say that it is in the UK. So, my URL looks like this:

I would prefer that my site be displayed in the search results to people who search from the UK. It does not matter if the site is outside the UK, but the UK would be my first choice. So, if someone searches for a specific recipe in a UK country and I have a corresponding recipe, I would like my recipe to be displayed in the search results.

In order for search results to be more visible to UK users, do I need to get links from other UK sites? Or is it not important? Can I get links from Australia, America and other countries?

How important are links from the same country compared to links from other countries. If I get most of my back links from other countries than the UK, would I be less visible in the UK research results?

I do not have a local business, it's just a blog. I would just like my results to be displayed first in my country, then in front of an international audience.