seo – Why Googlebot is crawling only one page?

I am trying to understand why Google bot is crawling only one page only on my website.

At the Google console I registered a small XML sitemap with 9 URLs. Only one URL I marked as a high priority (0.8) and that changes on daily basis. This URL is /Home/Index

Based on this answer I removed all other sitemaps, and on Home/Index I placed several anchors to the pages that I wanted to be crawled too, and these anchors are changing each visit to the new anchors. And pages behind these anchors are having other several anchors, and so on.

What I am seeing, Google bot is crawling only /Home/Index multiple times per day and seems to be ignoring all pages behind the anchors. What might be the reason and how to change this?

I can also see that other bots are crawling those anchors.