serps – Switching images and documents on an Azure blob host name can it affect SEO?

Listen to me, I know it's a strange question.

Consider a scenario in which all images and PDF files are hosted on the same domain as the pages:

For availability reasons and as a local CDN, we configured an Azure blob as a storage provider in the content management system. The default endpoint for Azure Blob storage is

Thus, images and PDFs will be served from this hostname in the future:
http: // / images / a-random-image.jpg
http: // / docs / some-random-document.pdf

Now suppose that many images and PDFs appear in the search results for specific keyword searches.

Once the media files are passed to Azure blobs, regardless of the keyword searches returned, those media in SERPS are now resolved in that Azure host name,

BrightEdge and Alexa call this "share of voice" and I understand that this represents what% of the SERPs for a given keyword search are represented by a given host name. I know empirically that switching to Azure storage reduces voice share – but does this translate into an impact on rankings?