Setting ID for – SPFx Deploying SharePoint assets (custom list)

I’m trying to deploy a custom list in my SPFx project. The list is specific to the ListView Command Set I’m developing in the same project. In order for the ListView Command Set to determine that it should be enabled I’m trying to set a fixed ID on the custom list using the ID property:

            Title="SPFx List"
            Description="SPFx List"

According to the ListInstance Reference there should be an ID property available.

Using this ID I could do something like the following in my ListView Command Set Extension to only show it in the custom list

  private isCommandSetEnabled(): Promise<void> {
    const listId = || "";
    this.enabled = listId === "ddb57259-b957-438b-b47b-dc09467e401c";

However when I try to install the package on a SharePoint site I get the following error:

Microsoft.SharePoint.SPException: Feature definition with Id e3a3964c-8808-40e3-8c98-01260939ebc9 failed validation, 
file '/e3a3964c-8808-40e3-8c98-01260939ebc9/elements.xml', line 53, character 13: The 'ID' attribute is not declared. 
at Microsoft.SharePoint.Administration.SPSolutionPackage.FeatureXmlValidationCallback.XmlValidationCallBack(Object sender, ValidationEventArgs evtargs)

I’m not entirely sure how to interpret this error message. Is it saying that I should not declare the ID attribute? Or is it saying it’s not declared? I cannot find any examples how to declare the ID so I’m assuming it should be the normal format using “”. The ID used is generated using Powershell New-Guid.

Any help with this issue would be appreciated.