Setting up Home Server for RDP Services – Good Idea or not | NewProxyLists

Hello WJ,

I am from Canada and I wanted to start an RDP service here.

For that, Instead of buying servers from outside, I decided to setup a server at my home and provide RDP services from there.

So far, I have setup a PC with 64GB DD4 RAM, Xeon E5-10600KF processor, 1 TB NVME SSD for the Operating System and 4TB additional Drive for the space for clients.

I wanted to ask you guys, what do you think is it a good way to proceed and will WJ like this ?

I have a Gigabit connection but unlike the ISP’s it;’s not going to be 900Mbps but after setup I will see what i get.

Your inputs are appreciated.

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I have to figure out the static IP i guess that’s one issue i have to resolve. :]