SFTP problem between OpenVMS and Linux

We use software called CrushFTP to perform SFTP related work. It works on an Ubuntu 16.04 box. One of the servers we have to communicate with is an old OpenVMS box … I think it's OpenVMS 8.4? I'm not VMS, so honestly I do not know much about the target server, but I hope the problem will be relatively simple.

It seems that CrushFTP uses a component called Maverick … and the problem appears here.

If I use the command line of Ubuntu sftp tool I can connect to the server and run ls -lha. This returns a nice list of files, for example:

Connected to hostname.domain.tld.
sftp> ls -lha
drwx ------ 0 16777291 256 512B October 8, 2018 SSH2.DIR; 1
-rwxr-x --- 0 16777291 256 4B 19 October 13:26 FILENAME1.EXT; 3
-rwxr-x --- 0 16777291 256 284B 19 October 13:26 FILENAME2.EXT; 3
-rwxr-x --- 0 16777291 256 1.2M Oct 19 13:26 FILENAME3.EXT; 2
-rwxr-x --- 0 16777291 256 4B 19 October 13:26 FILENAME4.EXT; 3
-rwxr-x --- 0 16777291 256 288B 19 October 13:26 FILENAME5.EXT; 3
-rwxr-x --- 0 16777291 256 1.5 M 19 October 13:26 FILENAME6.EXT; 3

If I run a get it downloads the files perfectly … so, in general, the SFTP server under OpenVMS seems to work properly and the native Ubuntu client is able to communicate perfectly with him …

However, when we start trying to communicate with him using CrushFTP, the situation begins to be a problem. The directories are acceptable, but the files seem to have a final * in each file name. For example, the list above would be presented as follows:


When we then try to copy the files to a local location, the following error message (which appears to come from this Maverick component):

attempt to copy (1) SFTP: // sftptest: ****@hostname.domain.tld: 22 / dir / dir1 / FILENAME2.EXT; 3 * in the file: //local/directory/structure/FILENAME2.EXT; 3 *
com.maverick.sftp.SftpStatusException: No file of this type: syserr: no file or directory of this type, or no privilege for the attempted operation, file: /dir/dir1/FILENAME2.EXT;3*
com.maverick.sftp.SftpSubsystemChannel.extractAttributes: 2275
com.maverick.sftp.SftpSubsystemChannel.getAttributes: 2257
com.maverick.sftp.SftpSubsystemChannel.getAttributes: 2209
com.sshtools.sftp.SftpClient.getInputStream: 1604
com.crushftp.client.SFTPClient.download3: 574
com.crushftp.client.GenericClient.download2: 422

It may be a puzzle, but the * seems to be the only real difference in the filenames. We tested by creating named files for example FILENAME.EXT; 3 and transferred them without any problem. We also received a way to remove the version number. ; 3 from the target file name .. but it looks like * in the source file name is causing a problem. We can remove the * everything we love, b

This ending * does not pose a problem with non-OpenVMS servers, so I'm almost certain that this has to do with how OpenVMS directories are read, but I can not say what we're solving or doing. how.

Does anyone have experience with OpenVMS SFTP servers, or even better with CrushFTP and / or that Maverick component?

Thank you!