SharePoint 2019 Sending emails from Gmail Context has no SMTP / UPM IdentityContext claim

I've configured the SharePoint 2019 server to allow and configure Gmail as SMTP. I then set up a workflow for testing purposes that sends an email when creating a task, pretty basic.
When I create a task, it does not actually send e-mail. I have opened ULS Viewer and here is the error that I have had:

The context has no SMTP / UPN claims. IdentityContext: "nameid": "s-1-5-21-2587413344-3268338448-1829755020-1000", "nii": "urn: office: idp: enabled_directory", "upn": "my. email @ domain .com "," user_id ":" 0 # .w | domain \ username "," applies to ":" https:  /  /  / "} & # 39;

I have the mail attribute to fill in the fields AD and email.

Ideas on where to look? Thank you