sharepoint on prem – SP 2016 Granular Backup Job Status always shows An export is currently in progress

In my SharePoint 2016, On premises environment. I wanted to restore a particular list from a DB backup file, for that I’ve restored and attached to my SharePoint DB,

I went to Central Administration –> Backup and Restore –> Export a site or list –> Filling Options –> Start Export.

The status is keep on showing as operation initializing, and never changes. Even i let ir undisturbed overnight, but still the same status.

enter image description here

I checked the Central Administration -> Monitoring -> Check Job Status -> Running Jobs, this Job is not yet adding into the list.

enter image description here

When i checked Central Administration -> Monitoring -> Review Job Definitions -> Scheduled by – one time is visible , even if i open it and click on Run Now, it will behave the same way

Also i checked the timer service, it will still running.

Can anyone please help me to completed this Job, what Am i missing here. Appreciate a quick help.
enter image description here