sharepoint online – Create SPOnline Modern Page with for Users to review and update project experience – and download page in Word

For our group consultants (all basic O365 and SP access)

  1. We like to create a personal SP page in which they can fill and update their project experience (project CV).
  2. These data will feed into a SP list (user record each row, with skills, project experience and dates in columns)
  3. We like to download the actual project CV (Word/pdf) when required -> we think this can be done with Word templates or pdf extensions
  4. We like to search on skills and project experiences and clients (taxonomy /managed properties -> we think this could be done with PnP Modern Search).

We have ideas on 3. and 4. but struggle with 1. and 2.

We checked for webparts on PnP and hoped for some light modifications – but could not find suitable solutions.
We are SP starters – willing to invest time.

Does anyone have suggestions – ideas – books – website/youtube examples ?