sharepoint online – group by deadline in SPO task list

I'm using the OOTB to-do list in Sharepoint Online and I'm looking to take advantage of the feature-by-job feature of my job view to group it by date range. The Due Date column contains the date values ​​that are marked for each task.

It is therefore probably possible to add a calculated column, which can be set to "Tasks to be completed in the next 7 days" for the tasks to be performed in the next 7 days, then possibly to "Tasks to be completed in the next 15 days "for tasks to be performed in the next 15 days. Then I can use this computed column to group by.

I imagine that in this case it would be necessary to store the date of today in one of the date columns. Therefore, if necessary, I can schedule the execution of a daily flow and update this date column to the current date, perhaps this column and the due date. column can be used to compare the computed column value, just an idea of ​​the worst case scenario.

Anyone can enlighten us on the best way to achieve it, thanks in advance.