sharepoint online – Is this a secure operation / support to remove the Office 365 admin from our root site collection administrator

In our 365 office tenant, our employees who work as export administrators or sharepoint administrators have access to the Office 365 username / password. and when we got our root site collection, the user name of the Office 365 admin is already set as the site collection administrator. I'm now using the Office 365 admin user name, I retired from the site collection's Administrators group and I added my name to it. user (I am the employee of the share point administrator): –
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So now, let's say to an employee who is not a SharePoint developer / administrator, such as our exchange employees, sign in using the Office 365 username to do work on Exchange Online, and then they will access the root site by mistake / intentionally, they will NOT do so. Be able to change the site setting that could cause the site collection to crash. Of course, I know that by using the Office 365 admin user name, they can access the central administrator of the SP, then add the Office 365 admin to group of site collection administrators … but they will not do it all unless they deliberately want to access the site. sharepoint site with permission of the administrator.

My question is: if removing the Office 365 admin user name from the Administrators group of the root site collection is valid / supported? or it can cause problems? For example, we define our audit reports to cut the report every 90 days as follows: –
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thus, this operation will work if the Office 365 administrator is not in the site collection group.