sharepoint online – Pivot Office-UI-Fabric with React Router? Possible or not?

I face a real challenge (at least for me), so I decide to ask for help here. I'm building an SPFx application on which I'm using a PivotTable from UI-Fabric and would like the current user to be able to navigate with the browser buttons and even be able to send the URL, then see a specific item in the application (if possible) via url for ex. (Location of the application: http: // sharepoint / mySite /, url: http: // sharepoint / mySite / DisplayItem / Item22 or http: // sharepoint / mySite / Upload / Item22 or
http: // sharepoint / mySite / SharedWith / Item22)

My code looks like this:


Obviously, it does not work if I pack or as well as and with . Ideas?