SharePoint Server 2016: Event registration via SP calendar where user can save the event to their own calendar

My use case is: I have no knowledge of SharePoint development or coding (but I can follow instructions!). I want to create an event management system for managing our internal training – where attendees register/deregister for a course through the ‘SP training calendar’ and can easily save the event to their personal Outlook calendars (without having to manually fill in the event details in Outlook).

I understand that we need the following to have the calendar and the attendees list, but i can’t work out how to allow users to add it to their calendar (is it even possible?)

  • One Calendar List, editable by an administrator (can add/edit/delete events), viewable by attendees (they should just view the details and have the ability to register/unregister).

  • One attendee list for every created event (don’t know if this is best practice, other suggestions would be highly appreciated).

Thank you in advance!