sharepoint server – Parent content type site columns are re-added to the child content type in ContentTypeHub

I am experiencing a strange problem in ContentTypeHub. Where I have ContentType "Base". and then I created a new ContentType in Hub, that is, "Test". its parent contentTypes is & # 39; Base & # 39 ;. Now, I've removed the unnecessary columns from "Test". ContentType and published both the contenType. now, after 2 or 3 months when I checked, those same unwanted columns that I had removed from "Test & # 39; ContentType is added again to "Test". In addition, I deploy these CTs via a WSP. after deploying WSP on a farm, CT's state changes to "Publish" from "Republish" and, suddenly, these CT columns become Posted to Subscriber, siteCollection. Because of this, every time I have to go to CTHub and manually erase the unwanted columns and again publish this CT at the hub. I do not know if this happens if you are a CT subscriber. Thank you for letting me know your suggestions to avoid these problems in the future and if you are able to identify this problem (do not know if this is a common behavior of SharePoint2013). Thanks in advance.