shell – How to properly handle a .js extension in a bash script?

I have the following bash script.

while IFS = read -r filename;
make [[ $(md5 path/to/"$filename-orig") = $(md5 path/to/"$filename") ]]|| echo $ filename differs;
done <path / to / list-of-files-to-compare.txt

It is supposed to compare two files (by calculating their MD5 fingerprint), then indicate if they are different. The files are compared from a list.

The problem is that if the file I'm trying to read is at, say,

path / to / foo-orig.js

the script will look for the file to

path / to / foo.js-orig

and, of course, this throws an error and fails.

How can I fix this bug in my script so that I handle the js extension correctly?