shortcode – View the content of custom message type archive with Shorcode

I have therefore created a custom message type containing only advanced custom fields.
There is no "content".

I created a single-custom.php, a content-custom.php and an archive-custom.php.

All look nice and work perfectly.

What I would like to do is create a shortcode (I think) for the file archive-custom.php, so that you can display the content of the archive-custom.php file on another part of my website, for example on two different pages. , with additional content.

At first I thought about creating a short code for the custom message. Type it by this example:

(Custom theme loop using short codes)

Best code collection for your functions.php file

But it becomes rather a very long short code. And all that I have solved before in content-custom.php, I have to start all over again in functions.php and the "re-div-ify" in the shortcode.