Should I go with a VPS abroad to resell accommodation?

L & # 39; s history:
I am (now "retired" but still working for non-profit web designers and others) in New Zealand. I have always hosted clients and offered hosting for a number of nonprofit organizations (free or inexpensive). I had been working with Dreamhost for about 10 years, until I noticed that their material did not keep pace with the growing complexity of websites. We moved to a New Zealand based host (reseller shared with cPanel / WHM) and have been with them for about 2-3 years, I think. Their paper statistics seemed really good, but we had constant problems with websites that went beyond the CPU and RAM (512 MB spread across all sub-accounts..

We plan to swap and weigh the pros and cons of the shared reseller versus VPS and stick to a New Zealand host versus a foreign host.
I've recently read that with CDNs (we use Cloudflare for free), it's less important nowadays to have a data center close to customers. Cloudflare actually deployed a data center in Auckland in 2015. Is this true? Is it less important to have a Cloudflare datacenter in the same city / country?
New Zealand hosts have long lagged behind in terms of technology, speed, offer and certainly price! For our shared reseller hosting, we have a maximum of 10 cPanel accounts on a 10 GB SSD, 100 GB traffic, a processor and 512 MB RAM plus an IP address for 34.50 NZD (about 24 US $) . They have very good customer service and have gone out of their way to help.

My next consideration is to continue with shared reseller hosting or upgrade to VPS (probably managed). I'm not opposed to something extraordinary like Amazon Lightsail, but I have read very little about it not to know how to configure it.

I would prefer something as simple as possible because I am a very busy parent and I have cognitive impairment and memory. The more we forget something, the better it is. But I am not against a more complex setup as long as it is well documented or there are good tutorials.

Until now, I have reviewed a host (NameHero) and a little Amazon Lightsail. My budget is 60 USD per month (around 40 USD) per month. TIA !!!