Should I use a server to do multiple hosting services?

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Hi everybody,

I recently bought a server with the specifications below and wanted to know if it's a good idea to run multiple services. or rather use a main service?

Thank you.

32 GB of DDR4 RAM
1x 240B SSD
1x IPv4 address
Dedicated public port 1 Gbps
Bandwidth of 20 TB / per server
CentOS 7 64bit
Full access to the root
IPMI dedicated

The server must have at least 2x hard disks / SSDs in RAID1 in order to be hosted, but anything less than 2x SSD / HDD in RAID1 is reserved for personal use and is a bad practice for paying customers.

You must also make sure that this server can hold more RAM to make a value in the future.

From the beginning, you can put all the services on a server, but it will be better in the long run to have separate physical servers in cluster to manage different tasks (MySQL, Messaging, Backups, Mailing Lists, DNS, etc.). You grow.