Should we communicate the shipping *progress* here, or will it be redundant?

We’re a small e-commerce business. A few weeks after we’ve shipped an order, we’ll be checking in with customers to see if everything’s okay. The e-mail will have three clickable options for them to choose from:

  • I received the order and I’m happy with it.
  • I received the order, but I’m not happy with it.
  • I haven’t received the order yet.

My colleague came up with these icons to illustrate the above options:


(Please ignore the smiley shadow that’s on the wrong side, and the Mastercard-only implication)

My overall feeling is that this is slightly more on the cryptic side, and people would be lazy (and rightfully so) to figure it out. I believe this communication needs to be more "in-your-face", straight to the point, and therefore stripped down.

  • I’m thinking that the first two icons in each row (the card and the truck) could be redundant, and may have to be removed (including the arrows). I’d only keep the box with a checkmark and a smiley.
  • For the third option (haven’t received), I’d use the a truck instead of the box, and a neutral smiley. (Can’t use a box with a question mark, because that could lead the customers to think they may not receive it at all.)

However, the colleague believes there needs to be the indication of a progress, so having all 4 is justified.

My question is, would the last two icons alone, with the help of the contrast in meaning between them, be enough to make it intuitive? Or do we really need to start with the payment icon?