Should we show user information for disabled accounts?

I'm building a dating site that contains a messaging system. On each conversation, I display the user name and the avatar image of the person you are talking to.

Users have the option, at any time, to disable their account. This is for example the case if they have found someone and are not looking anymore, but do not want to permanently delete their account in case they want to start searching again in the future. Although their account is disabled, their profile no longer appears in the search results and their profile is not accessible via their URL.

My question is: what should happen in the conversations in which they participate while their account is disabled?

Should I replace the user name of the user with a placeholder such as (Unknown user) and even replace their avatar with a branding reservation?

OR should I keep their user name and their avatar but post a message saying Sorry, this user is no longer available?

Of course, I could just make the conversation go away, but I really do not want to do it, in case the user has sent an abusive message before disabling his account – I would like the recipient to be able to report the message.